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Mendocino Community Network Internet Services

The Mendocino Community Network is a business owned and operated by the Mendocino Unified School District. The MCN office is located in downtown Mendocino, California, atop the highest hill in town overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

I have worked with MCN for the past 17 years … they were the original design and host company for the California Association of Bed and Breakfast Inns (CABBI).

Their mission is to provide high-quality, personal Internet services to the community that is at their doorstep as well as to customers worldwide. Whether you are looking for a reliable, high-speed connection here on the North Coast, or a dialup connection around the world, MCN brings you state of the art Internet connections with first rate service.

Below is an outline of the many services offered by MCN.

  • Co-Location: If you need the control of managing your own server, MCN has several options for co-location of your server.
  • DSL: MCN offers DSL service in selected parts of Mendocino, Fort Bragg, Chico, Clearlake, Monterey, Sacramento, Santa Rosa, San Francisco, LA and many other parts of California.
  • Dialup: MCN provides state of the art V.92 toll free dialup across California. Toll free numbers are available in California.
  • Domain Registration and Service: If you’re looking for that special domain name to attach to your website, MCN can help. We provide a full domain registration service as well as domain service to make sure your domain is pointed at the right web server. In addition we can set up e-mail addresses for your domain name.
  • E-Mail Services: MCN offers everything from single e-mail boxes to bulk e-mail packages.
  • goMobi Mobile Websites: Make your website easily assessable by mobile devices.
  • Listservs: Descriptions of MCN’s free public and community listservs for our users: Instructions, quidelines, subscription and un-subscription links. Private and Non-Profit Listservs are also available by contacting MCN, 707 937-1444 or 800 796-3896.
  • Security: MCN has a wide variety of free and low cost options to provide security when using our Internet services.
  • Web Hosting: We have basic web packages starting as low as $5 per month and a robust statistics program to give you information about the traffic to your site. We also have PHP, Front Page extensions and MySQL databases available.
  • MCN SimpleBlogs are ideal for business or personal use: On a personal level, MCN SimpleBlogs are great for keeping up with family news, spreading your ideas about a particular topic, or for displaying digital pictures. Businesses will find that MCN SimpleBlogs have many purposes as well. MCN SimpleBlogs are a great addition to your regular website. You can use them to connect directly to your customers, announce new products, and get instant customer feedback. And you can point your domain or a subdomain at your MCN SimpleBlog.

For more information, please contact:

Sage Statham, Manager
Mendocino Community Network

Domains & Website Hosting


Posted Mail
P.O. Box 2445
Mendocino, CA 95460


“MCN hosts my website, email and high speed Internet. It is a small company so they excel at personal service. Yet they are professional and have always taken great care of me regarding all of my Internet needs.”

– Sandy Anderson, Sutter Creek

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